Activity at the Kennedy Well on Callahan Rd off 362 -- Delmar - Sept 6

I am told that  last Thursday evening, Sept 6th Shell was flaring the Kennedy Well.  


The transmission pipeline and water lines run next to the well.  After the transmission line was installed and completed in late winter, it was dug up late this spring by the well access road to install the tap on the actual transmission line. 

A few weeks ago, a rather large digger appeared at the well site.  It appeared there was a collection gather line being installed from the well to the transmission line.


Shell started to flare sometime between lunch time and dinner on The 6th of Sept.

Kennedy has never been fracked as far as I know and there is one well there. 

Anybody have any insight or information? This well is in an In Active Status the last I knew.



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Thanks Rick:

Wonder how they do the accounting for that. In a perfect world purchase the NG from the mineral owners, right?

That would definitely be to our benefit.  However, I would wager that it is before the meter and not after. :)

If that is true...and you consider every well in the county and the amount of gas going through the compressors...that is a whole lot of free gas to swepi

Did anybody else get a royalty statement coded as "WET GAS"? I was always told we only had dry gas in our area.

Rick, I know of one other in your unit that did.

Is this for the Kennedy 137SE unit? I (just today) got the unit declaration in the mail...that's the only thing I've gotten from SWEPI since I signed the lease.

You should have gotten a Royalty check or will soon..

Did you get a Division Order?

What's a division order? As I said, this unit declaration is the ONLY thing I've gotten from SWEPI or anyone associated with them since I signed the lease.

Did you receive everything Lynn?

No; I haven't gotten anything but the unit declaration last Monday. Should I talk to someone about it? Any idea who to contact? This is what really frustrates me about dealing with SWEPI; if I wasn't on this forum, I'd have no way of even knowing that production had started, let along that I should be looking for a royalty check!

I just sent you an email Lynn.

Lynn, you should see something soon. Well 137 6H is the one you will want to keep an eye on.


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