Activity at the Kennedy Well on Callahan Rd off 362 -- Delmar - Sept 6

I am told that  last Thursday evening, Sept 6th Shell was flaring the Kennedy Well.  


The transmission pipeline and water lines run next to the well.  After the transmission line was installed and completed in late winter, it was dug up late this spring by the well access road to install the tap on the actual transmission line. 

A few weeks ago, a rather large digger appeared at the well site.  It appeared there was a collection gather line being installed from the well to the transmission line.


Shell started to flare sometime between lunch time and dinner on The 6th of Sept.

Kennedy has never been fracked as far as I know and there is one well there. 

Anybody have any insight or information? This well is in an In Active Status the last I knew.



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NG Regional Hub Prices Jan 18

Inline image 1

What are you folks paying ofr gas at your meter to heat your houses? What is the company that supplies it>

UGI Supplier

Rate Classification - Residential Heating

Commodity Charge - $0.48117 per CCF

Distribution Charge - $0.60249 per  CCF

plus a few give me money fees and taxes.


So you add the two together?

Thanks Brian.

Hope others will post too....

Yes, the total bill is a combination of the Commodity Charge, Distribution Charge, and various fees and taxes.


Sorry to bther you Brian but I would like to know the amount of Ccf. I am trying to learn about the markup in price from the wellhead to the consumer....

Does your statement show usage?

Thank you again

So the Commodity Charge is what UGI is charging me for the gas.  That is what would be comparable to the well head price that we are being given.  You just need to convert from Ccf to Mcf:

$0.48117 /Ccf = $4.8117 /Mcf

Everybody along the line from the well to my house gets a cut from that figure, including SWEPPI, the landowner, the transportation pipeline company that gets the gas to UGI and so on.

In theory I could switch gas providers and that cost could change.  But it would not change UGI's Distribution Charge.

The Distribution Charge is related to UGI's pipelines, storage facilities and other hardware involved in getting the gas from the wholesale pipeline to my meter on the side of my house:

$0.60249 /Ccf = $6.0249 /Mcf

I hope this helps.


Thanks a lot Brian.....(turn the heat up) ha ha ha


But why would I use more gas that's costing me ~ $ 11 a Mcf when I'm getting paid substantially less than $ 2 Mcf at the wellhead?


The good thing to do for the rest of us..(kinda like taking one for the team, Brian) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

So skip the middlemen. Sent $$$ directly to me.  lol

I think Swepi is hedged at about $3.40 just guessing. 


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