Activity at the Kennedy Well on Callahan Rd off 362 -- Delmar - Sept 6

I am told that  last Thursday evening, Sept 6th Shell was flaring the Kennedy Well.  


The transmission pipeline and water lines run next to the well.  After the transmission line was installed and completed in late winter, it was dug up late this spring by the well access road to install the tap on the actual transmission line. 

A few weeks ago, a rather large digger appeared at the well site.  It appeared there was a collection gather line being installed from the well to the transmission line.


Shell started to flare sometime between lunch time and dinner on The 6th of Sept.

Kennedy has never been fracked as far as I know and there is one well there. 

Anybody have any insight or information? This well is in an In Active Status the last I knew.



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Yeah, and I think that rig will be gone about Aug 15 or so....

If you are over that way Rick, please take a picture from the same place you took the one you posted....I am many miles away and have no way to see the site. Thank you!

Sorry. The frack is over. :)

ha ha ha ha ha....

Photo of the Kennedy pad taken this afternoon Aug 2, 2017.

fantastic.....I owe you big time....Rick! 

Big Change since they set up to Frack.

Thank you very much

Can anyone explain why there is what appears to be another drilling rig on this site, if the fracking has completed?

It is called a Do Over Rig and it is there to drill out the cement plugs that were placed in each of the fracked wells. As the plugs are removed huge amounts of waste water/salt and sand comes out of the well under pressure and then the well is connected/welded to the take away pipe out at the road. They will be done with that about the middle of Aug

The Do Over Rig is gone. Left sometime after last evening and this morning. Aug 5

Thank you for the information. It seems there is so much to know about this whole process.

The rig is back now. Seems there was a huge storm Fri or Sat night and we think they removed the rig do to lightening strike potential

The work over rig was repositioned on the pad.  It was never removed.  

You cleared that up for us Rick, thanks...great photo


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