Activity at the Kennedy Well on Callahan Rd off 362 -- Delmar - Sept 6

I am told that  last Thursday evening, Sept 6th Shell was flaring the Kennedy Well.  


The transmission pipeline and water lines run next to the well.  After the transmission line was installed and completed in late winter, it was dug up late this spring by the well access road to install the tap on the actual transmission line. 

A few weeks ago, a rather large digger appeared at the well site.  It appeared there was a collection gather line being installed from the well to the transmission line.


Shell started to flare sometime between lunch time and dinner on The 6th of Sept.

Kennedy has never been fracked as far as I know and there is one well there. 

Anybody have any insight or information? This well is in an In Active Status the last I knew.



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Not sure anyone is going to get a royalty check in is a copy of the most recent inspection report dated 10/31/2017

Inspection Id: 2654719
Date: 10/31/17
Type: Routine/Complete Inspection
Category: Primary Facility
Inspector: Elizabeth Niles
Description: No Violations Noted
Comment: A routine complete inspection was conducted at the SWEPI LP Kennedy 137 well pad located in Delmar Township, Tioga Co. on October 31, 2017 at 1300 hrs. The weather was 42 degrees and cloudy, winds WSW 14 mph. Chris Underwood, OSR was Shell\'s onsite representative.The Kennedy 137D well is currently on regulatory inactive status. SWEPI is in the final stages of flowing back the 1H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H and 9 H wells. The flow back setup consist of sand traps, a gas buster, separator units and the highland tanks. Produced fluids from the Highland tanks are being pumped to the baffled tanks located on the east side of the pad. These fluids are then being trucked, as needed, to the Lingle 1102 pad for reuse in the frac. Numerous puddles were observed on the pad surface and were screened for field conductivity. None of the puddles showed elevated conductivity. Secondary containment holding water was also screen for field conductivity. No elevated readings were detected. No violations are noted at this time.I departed the site at 1530 hours.

I have been advised that Kennedy probably has been in production since Sept and the process described in my last post can take place and the wells produce at the same time.

[I never claimed to be an expert] Just very efficient at delivering news (HA!)

September Production numbers.


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