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The important distinction here is "between the low water marks".

Looking at the SWEPI/Marsh Creek lease agreement from this list, the calculated average width of Marsh Creek where it flows through Delmar and adjoining townships is approx.18.944 ft.. I have driven by there many times, and that creek bed appears to be wider than that in many places.

Not saying this is fair, just thinking it could be a lot worse.

Begs the question; have the gascos been required to pay twice for the same acreage that was previously private ownership leased, before this came about?

Where do property owners own; i.e. low water, center, high water?

My understanding is that if a person owns 100 acres with a creek running through it and the state lays claim to it, the state gets all royalties for that creek bottom (At 20% with no deductions) and the land owner still pays taxes on it.  the land owner no longer receives royalties for that creek bottom.


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