The Painter well which was taken over by Eclipse recently seems to have much more activity lately. Tanker trucks and other vehicles have been entering the drive way to the well. Guess the ice and recent snow and very cold weather recently has not held up plans to drill another well on the site.

Needless to say the deep freeze and icy conditions in our area is leaving for a few days any way to be replaced by much above normal temps. Hopefully flooding and ice blockages will not replace our rivers and local streams.



Granddad Ladd

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Plenty of trucks moving to Painter Unit every day now. Expect the drilling rig to move in any day now

I would guess that at least 50 triaxle dump trucks have been gravel to the Painter well pad in the last couple of days. Usually an groups of three or four. But this morning about ten of them in about as many minutes. I cannot see the well site from my house and I am too wobbly to ride my four wheeler anymore. But I was up to site last fall and it seemed to me to be pretty large and covered many acres all covered with gravel. Drilling was finished and everything was move out. Pipe line was in and tested and I think gas was moving to Dominion storage at Sabinsville. An encounter with the Chief of the well site proved to be very upbeat and he was very encouraged about what they had found. 

So now A much bigger drilling rig is to come very soon and set up for a deeper well about fifteen feet away from the first well.

February 10, 2018

Looks like Eclipse is about ready to bring in a drilling rig to the Painter unit.

I noticed that a sign restricting Eclipse trucks from entering and traveling Broughton Hollow road during the hours that School busses might be Broughton road.  Also a couple of signs  warning that Eclipse trucks are restricted to 15 miles per hour in certain areas. Very happy to notice these precautions in my area!

I expect to see drilling rigging and associated pumps, and other equipment will be traveling our road in the very near future.

Granddad Ladd


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