SWEPI LP sounds like a cocktail or Vodka. Hey Bartender, give me a SWEPI on the rocks and hold the lime.


Hey Bartender, you got SWEPI?


How about, "I HAD WAY TOO MUCH SWEPI" last night.



SWEPI could be an old Pal.........


"SWEPI and me went fishin the other day and took a limit and the biggest was this big (holding his hands way apart)".


"SWEPI and me went huntin the other day and kilt 10 bucks and a rabbit. The bucks was all ten pointers and was all in a group standin around lookin stupid". The rabbit was a 3 pointer.


NEWSPAPER OBIT: SWEPI Passed away in his sleep on June 17, 2011. He is survived by his sister Betty SWEPI and a brother Teddy SWEPI. His father, Hardy SWEPI and mother Hedy SWEPI preceeded him in death. There are no little SWEPI Brats that we know of or that he let on about.



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How about the obvious ... a SWEPI and Schweppes?

Yeah Ann!


SWEPI Tonic sounds delightful.



Yeah Buggs. Bug out!

It is good to have a little diversion sometimes.  Josie has done much to contribute to this forum as well as Lynn and Ann and others. Being nasty does not cut it here!


If you must complain then squawk about the mis infomation and secrecy being put out by drilling outfits and pennsylvania legislators!


Bill L.

aka Bummy

Seems someone could use a SWEPI neat straight up.

Good one Brian!! I'm thinking someone could probably use more than one.


Josie: "Hey Bartender, buy that crabby old guy over in the corner a SWEPI Neat Straight Up please".


Bartender: "Which Crabby old guy in which corner?"


Josie: "The crabby old guy over in that corner sitting all alone, all by himself and not having any fun".


Bartender: "OH! that cranky old guy?"


Josie: "is he cranky too? I thought he was just crabby"


Bartender: " yeah, all he does is complian, never buys nothin or says nothin that matters much".


Josie: "in that case you better make it a double!"


Bartender: "Josie, you sure are nice person. I wish everyone was as nice as you are!"


Josie: "I know I am but thanks anyway"





Sounds like you're a regular at this establishment Josie.
I come in off and on Brian. Seems like a pretty good crowd most of the time.
When I don't have an interest or see any humor in something on my computor screen, I use my mouse and SwepI it off of my screen.  I thought this post was fun and probably harmlessly short-lived.  SWEPI probably means something sinister and criminal in Dutch.  It doesn't sound like there will be much to talk about happening in Tioga County for at least a year except sesmic testing.  That won't make most people any money, so someone might as well post a little humor to keep the Tioga part of this site alive, instead of using whining.
It stands for Shell Western Exploration and Production Inc.  Some people proposed pronouncing it "swee-pea", sort of like Popeye's nephew.

You know when the postings taper off to nothing for a few weeks, who is going to come to check it out anymore?  We are all in this together and a little fun stuff helps everyone to get to know each better.  And we are encouraged to come back to see if anything is new. If someone makes unpleasant posts then those folks who have discovered important information will be discouraged from sharing it with the rest of us. and we all lose out!


The only beer I drink is birch or root beer. All the other stuff makes me dizzy or sleepy. I am dizzy enough without adding alcoholic beverages to the mix.


Bill L.

aka Bummy

Me Too Bummy but I am married to a guy who spent 25 years inside a Bottle of Scotch. He has been dry for 20 years now but I know all the lingo.


See Ya Bummy!

Wheeee that was a fun ride! A swift kick to the rump isn't enough to keep this one away. I'm in the industry and will always come back :-)


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