Looking for info on the freeland unit of meade dis tyler co

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Drilling continues on the Hartley well pad , woodworth units 2h and 3h

To Thomas Booth:

I can't figure out how to put a reply under your comment from May 21:

Thank you for this response and information. The forced pooling situation is pretty complicated. There are some threads on it on this forum and others. Would you be able to write to your legislator and to Lynwood (Woody) Ireland, chair of the House energy committee? WV House of Delegates

This is off topic for this specific discussion but very very important to WV mineral owners.


Freeland 1H was completed in July of 2014. 2H was started in April of 2015. Any rumors? Antero finally sent out all DO's and have started paying.....for Doddridge. 


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