Garvin well

Driller = PDC Energy

Adams township

Lowell quadrangle


Well # 34-167-29721-0000, Lateral 1-H goes ? from the pad

Well Status:

2013-03-10 = ODNR Well # assigned

2013-03-09 = Engineer's Report


Pad Status:

2013-03-10 = ?


Pad is located here:,+-81.5070818890993



Last update: Mar 10, 2013 (see bold)


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How is it going here? tia 

PDC announced 1530boe a day with 24/64 choke  and lots of pressure,would be a lot more if allowed to flow.  54% liquids

20/64th choke to update what Ron posted. 

PDC 3rd qt. charts
As usual verbal comments during report and Q/A are where a lot of info is gained.
Plan to have two Rigs operating in Utica starting mid North, one South. Garvin well if not chocked believed to be a 4000 bl. of Energy per day well......Niell well still having Frac flow back, would not offer production number at this time, but pressures and etc. looked good. The pressures they are seeing in the Southern acres are greater than they are use to seeing in well development....believes other drillers in the same area are seeing same...............still need big brother partner in IMHO.
See pages 4, 12, 15, 20,

On the Company's southern Utica acreage in Washington County, Ohio, PDC initiated production from its Garvin #1H well to a long-term midstream provider in mid-October. The well was rested for 60 days after completion operations were finished in mid-August. The Company began testing the well with a 12/64 choke for the first several days, increasing the choke size over the next four days to a 20/64 choke on the well's eighth day of production.

On the 20/64 choke over a 24-hour period, the well produced approximately 5.2 million cubic feet of natural gas and 183 barrels of condensate. PDC estimates natural gas liquids, assuming full ethane recovery, over the 24-hour period to be 655 barrels for a combined three-stream total of 1,530 Boe/d, consisting of 54% liquids.

The Garvin 1H, the Company's first Utica Shale well in Washington County, Ohio, continues to produce on a restricted choke. Gross production, after approximately thirty days of sales, averaged slightly over 100 barrels of condensate per day and nearly 4 million cubic feet per day of high-BTU gas. The Company is actively drilling two offset wells on the Garvin pad which are expected to be completed in early 2014.


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