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Congress Inches Forward Toward Regulating Hydraulic Fracturing


We need to “move forward” with a working group in order to discover the best drilling practices for the safe extraction of shale gas, Jim Costa (D-CA), Chair of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources said at a June 4th oversight hearing on unconventional fuels and the potential of shale gas.

The hearing didn’t really resemble its title. Or… Continue

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It May Be Early, But Pennsylvania is ALREADY Seeing Economic Impact

The Marcellus Shale play may still be in its infancy, but some areas of Pennsylvania are already seeing economic impact in their communities. Imagine what it will do for PA when its really up and running. See this article from Northeat Pennsylvania:

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Climate Change Activist Sees the Potential Benefits of Shale Gas

Joseph Romm, noted online climate change activist, sees how the teasure trove that is the Marcellus could lower emissions and help the US meet climate change goals.

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Obama: "We have a lot to learn from Brazil" - Ok then, let's learn it.

See video - at least the first minute.

I definitely agree. Let's follow Brazil's 2 prong energy policy. Sounds good to me.

- Neither the Brazilian government nor state-run Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) is willing to stop producing oil and natural gas or to decrease output. Petrobras produces 1.9 million b/d of oil,… Continue

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Terry Engelder Webinar

Terry Engelder of Penn State along with Gary Lash (SUNY-Fredonia) are two pioneering geologists who have really educated the public about the Marcellus shale formation. In this Webinar, Dr. Engelder, explains some of the technical side of horizontal drilling and fracking when drilling for… Continue

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Time for the industry to clean up its act?

What is the legitimate role of government in regulating chemicals used in hydro-fracturing natural gas wells? Hydro-fracturing is a key technology used in achieving productivity in shale gas wells, and has been in use for decades. Now these chemicals are coming under Congressional scrutiny as… Continue

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Tetra Tech report finds Marcellus Shale drilling had minimal impact on total dissolved solids in the Monongahela River last fall. To read report, go to


PITTSBURGH (May 20) – A study completed by international environmental engineering and consulting firm Tetra Tech, Inc., revealed that natural gas development was only a minor contributor to elevated levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the Monongahela River last fall.

Tetra Tech found that the primary TDS load in the Monongahela… Continue

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Hydraulic Fracturing Considerations for Natural Gas Wells of the Marcellus

ALL Consulting has put together a good piece on fracturing.

"The issue of hydraulic fracturing has raised many concerns from the public as well as government officials. This paper will review the history and evolution of hydraulic fracturing, including environmental and regulatory considerations. Additionally, technical and environmental considerations will be presented applicable to hydraulic fracturing in the unconventional arena of gas shales with an emphasis on the Marcellus… Continue

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Sign our Domestic Energy Peition!

"As landowners, mineral owners, oil and gas professionals, and concerned citizens, we respectfully ask Congress to maintain fiscal policies that encourage domestic exploration and to NOT add hurdles, in the form of additional taxes & fees, to our domestic energy industry. America needs policies that encourage domestic exploration and prompt the pursuit of our own abundant energy resources."

Go to the… Continue

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DOE Primer on Shale Gas

This new report from DOE is a really great "101" on Shale Gas. Its long, but its worth the read if you really want to know about the extraction of shale gas. It is not specific to the Marcellus.

Happy reading.

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Who is King? Marcellus, Haynesville or the Barnett shale?

Part 3 of 3 in a series covering the 2009 Developing Unconventional Gas Conference

By Austin Eudaly

Several companies spoke about their specific positions in each of the prolific shale plays in the US. It should be noted that there was a tremendous amount of new buzz surrounding the Marcellus Shale at this year’s conference. Range Resources CEO, John… Continue

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The Gas Glut and the Pickens Plan

Part 2 of 3 in a series covering the 2009 Developing Unconventional Gas Conference

By Austin Eudaly

Currently, we are seeing what is being commonly referred to as a natural gas glut in the US. Today, we have an over abundance of supply, and a not so copious demand. Thomas Gardner, Director for Simmons & Co. International discussed the causes… Continue

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Marcellus Shale Players From Public Data

Marcellus Shale Players From Public Data

-$1 billion well cost per 20,000 acres

Operator: Net Acreage Position (acres)

Chesapeake: 1,250,000

Range: 900,000

Talisman: 800,000

Seneca: 725,000

StatoilHydro: 575,250

Equitable: 400,000

EXCO: 395,000

Anadarko: 325,000

Atlas: 582,000

XTO: 274,000

PGE: 272,000

EOG: 220,000

CNX: 186,000

Cabot: 150,000

Ultra: 140,000

Quest: 129,000

Antero:… Continue

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Rig Tour Video

This rig tour is on a Barnett shale rig, but it's got to be pretty similar with Marcellus shale.

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My Chat with T. Boone Pickens


The EnergyBiz Leadrship Forum was put together well. The focus of the conference tackled the effects of the Obama stimulus package on the power industry, as well as the short- and long-term consequences of the energy and economic crises. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was a little disappointed that CNG was not directly tackled in depth. It seemed that every other energy aspect was covered except CNG. This absence is probably explained when one looks at the current… Continue

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The Pipeline

Funny thing, the summer day they laid the pipeline forty-some years ago, 10 feet beneath the tractor in my photo...i slept on the couch with a fever, or maybe a bad beer, i forget. Watched them herd those terds a mile either direction, but sound asleep when they passed by. Twenty years later i was setting sideboom and stabbing and spacing out west. Small world. the wires here, hands.

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Sullivan County

Anyone have any news on when permits will be expected in Sullivan County? They are doing seismic testing on our land in March 2009

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T. Boone Pickens and Wal-Mart



February 3, 2009 Tuesday



349 words

Wal-Mart to put trucks to test Vehicles will run on natural gas, cooking grease or diesel-electric


Wal-Mart Stores Inc. on Monday put a new spotlight on natural gas-powered vehicles - this time on… Continue

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About Me-

My name is Andy Solis...I have been in the oilfield for 18 years....I am head of Business development for a oilfield construction company in south Louisiana called Premier Industries....We are a very deversified company serving from sub-sea construction aka diving all the way to top side construction aka platform...We design build and install platforms in the GOM....We also have a Gas plant division in which we design build and install Gas Plants....We have built and installed 5 gas plant this… Continue

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