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Well Site Safety And Security In Pennsylvania- Part II And Continuing...


By: Robert A. Young




A cursory review of natural gas exploration and production in Bradford County Pennsylvania presently, ( June 2012), may give even casual observers the impression that such activity is slowing down on the local front.  Likewise the rhetoric…


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"Goodfella's" Actor Reportedly Miffed By "The Electric City" Queries

“Goodfella's” Actor Is Reportedly Miffed By “The Electric City” Queries              

By   Robert A. Young

The Associated Press, AP, recently reported that 72 year old character actor and journeyman director Paul Sorvino, (who originally hails from Brooklyn, N.Y., and is known for portraying cops and mobsters of the underworld on the silver screen), garnered an advance for a half- million dollars of “Keystone State” taxpayer’s money to produce a film in the Scranton/Wilkes…


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Well Site Safety And Security In Pennsylvania, Part I

”Well Site Safety And Security In Pennsylvania;  Part I”

By: Robert A. Young

This is part one of a two part series dealing with and ensuring oil and gas well site safety and security in the “Keystone State”.   Part two is entitled:  “ Some More Suggestions For Safety And Security Operations At Oil And Gas Well Sites In Pennsylvania “ , will appear on this blog shortly.  So, be sure to look for part two sometime next week or so.

When the world famous writer…


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Like Land And Water; Oil And Gas Are The Peoples’ Resources

          Like Land And Water; Oil And Gas Are The Peoples’ Resources


By:  Robert A. Young

The “Marcellus Shale Play” is as much about people as it is about the precious product and corporate profits.

Like many Bradford County, Pennsylvania residents, my family roots also run deep into the history of the “endless mountains.“   However, uniquely; most of my early life was spent in the urban centers of Philadelphia and Northern New Jersey, where I was educated,…


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                              “{“Breaker-Breaker”}…Fracking and Trucking Safety”


A few months ago, the Daily Review newspaper in Towanda, PA featured a letter to the editor calling for policing gas and oil wells in Pennsylvania for public safety reasons.

If you ask most people who live and work at the supposed epicenter of the “Marcellus Shale Play”; Bradford County, PA,…


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