A Tangled Web Emerges as PennEast Opponents Practice to Deceive

A recent article in The Daily Signal exposed the tangled web created by PennEast opponents as they have practiced to deceive in their pipeline enmity.

Kevin Mooney did fantastic job with an article the other day at The Daily Signal. Extremely well written and balanced with comments from all sides, it laid bare the deceptions practiced by PennEast opponents. I was quoted, so I’m obviously biased, but Kevin’s in-depth research and reach-outs to the opposition to the PennEast Pipeline was a great example of good old-fashioned journalism. Titled “PennEast Pipeline Backers Tout Lower Energy Prices in Fighting Well...,” this piece exposed so many of the faulty premises behind PennEast opposition.

Among those fraudulent premises is this claim by gentry class lobbyist Jeff Tittel who long ago abandoned his working class roots as the son of a steelworker to work for a Sierra Club determined to wipe out all such jobs:

“The Sierra Club Foundation received $300,000 from the William Penn Foundation in 2017 and $250,000 in 2016. But Tittel said his New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club and the Sierra Club Foundation are two separate organizations, and his New Jersey group has not received funding from the foundation.”

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