But, Native Americans and First Nations Oppose Natural Gas Development, Don’t They?

As Canada looks to develop its natural gas reserves, Native Americans and First Nations are showing their support and can see its importance.

Canada is rapidly developing its natural gas reserves, and as it does, Native Americans and First Nations are looking to participate and support it. First Nations have always played a part in the development of natural gas because the government and the oil companies legally have to consult and accommodate the First Nations before proceeding with any work.

Canada is the fifth largest natural gas producer in the world. The Canadian natural gas industry creates thousands of jobs and the taxes they pay help pay for programs such as health care and education.

Participation of the First Nations in Canada’s energy sector is gaining momentum as many First Nations are investing and collecting royalties. Some First Nations members are even getting jobs in the natural gas industry. It’s a great relationship which also helps to ensure all of the First Nations environmental concerns have been addressed.

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