The double standards guiding New York’s Governor Cuomo in his political machinations with respect to fracking and his professed concern over health are revealed in his latest actions to legalize some pot.

According to the Cancer Research UK site:

Cannabis smoke contains many of the same cancer causing substances (carcinogens) as tobacco – at least 50 of them..Many people who smoke cannabis smoke tobacco cigarettes and drink alcohol too. Research evidence suggests that the combination of smoking tobacco, using cannabis and drinking alcohol can increase your risk of developing a cancer even further.

Governor Cuomo has recently suggested using seized marijuana for medical proposes. However, one feels about legalization, it’s still strange a Governor so worried about the health effects of fracking would not have done more due diligence in researching the dangers of Cannabis; things like the cancer threat, the potential lacing of the product by unscrupulous drug dealers who compete in the street market of illegal drugs and the social costs. Yet, he did not, and the reason is obvious; political correctness with his New York base demands a Bible-sized set of double standards and this Governor is nothing if not politically correct. There’s no backbone in the man or he would have approved fracking by now as well.

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Comment by Deb Reynolds on February 17, 2014 at 9:49am

Don't care about Cuomo--he's an idiot. Under his leadership, I actually expect their state to be overwhelmingly liberal over the next decade as sensible people flee to PA and other more welcoming states. That's what he wants, what he's pushing. And for now at least, we have more than enough to do for NG here in PA, OH, WV....

As for pot, I want it legalized for medical use. The lives being lost every day because we cannot access it are irreplaceable. I don't think any parent should have to move to Colorado, for God's sake, to get necessary treatments to save their child's life. 

I don't know a lot of recreational pot users, but those I know stick to pot--don't drink or smoke tobacco. So I don't know about your contention. 

Comment by Tim on February 16, 2014 at 8:42pm
Cannabis does not equal cancer, never been proven in any study.

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