Natural Gas NOW Picks of the Week - February 10, 2018

Natural Gas NOW readers pass along a lot of stuff every week about natural gas, fractivist antics, emissions, renewables, and other news relating to energy.

Republicans have frequently sold out, too, and frequently run in fear of elitist fractivism (think New York State Senate Republicans such as Jim Seward, for example, or Maryland Governor Larry Hogan), but this argument from Rupert Darwell, author of “Green Tyranny,” sure resonates:

…parties of the left were meant to be the champions of working people. They were meant to say, “The interests of the working class…We represent the interests of working people. They’re the interest we’re gonna uphold.” What has actually happened is they’ve sold out to the green billionaires. The green billionaires have bought the Democratic Party. There’s a big divergence between where the money is, where the leadership is, where the politicians are, where the elites are, and the Democrats’ base. And that is the big opportunity. That’s the big political opportunity. The economic one is simply, this stuff is very expensive. Renewables are incredibly expensive. Do people want to have to pay more for electricity or less? Clearly, they want to pay less.

Any political party…worth its name can go after this. The left is there sitting, waiting to be absolutely destroyed because they’ve sold themselves out to environmentalists who do not have the interests of working people at heart. In fact, they actually despise working people. They despise their taste, they despise their desire for a better life, they despise their desire for consumption.

It’s hard to argue with this if one examines the activities of the Haas, Heinz, Park and Rockefeller families. They have commanded the attention of politicians such as Cuomo, Hogan, Seward and the Democratic Party itself by throwing money at them and funding malcontents to create political pressure justifying their sellouts, leaving ordinary working people in the dust. It’s so bad Massachusetts politicians would rather illegally import Russian LNG than allow natural gas development or the construction of pipelines and they’d rather saddle their low and moderate income residents with astronomical electric bills than confront the elitists.

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