Red Fawn Falling: Another DAPL Extremist Goes to Jail

Justice is often slow in coming but Red Fawn, a convicted felon turned DAPL activist has been jailed. So much for the credibility of those DAPL protests.

One defining characteristic of the Keep It in the Ground movement is an almost charming belief that if you wish for something really hard and repeat the same lies over and over you can alter reality.

Even the name of the movement—Keep It in the Ground—suggests we’d be better off without the petrochemicals that make modern life possible, despite all evidence to the contrary.

The latest effort to manifest an alternate reality through sheer force of will (and a slick PR campaign) is the Free Red Fawn crusade.

To hear the activists tell it, Red Fawn Fallis “is a sister, a aunty (sic), a niece, a granddaughter, and a friend.” She is a “trained medic” who was “helping injured water protectors who had been sprayed with mace and hit by rubber bullets at Standing Rock.”

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