The Dividing Line Between Hope and Darkness for the Southern Tier

New York’s Southern Tier is dying, slowly and painfully, abandoned by its state leaders as it is forced to witness what could be from across a dividing line.

It apparently takes Pennsylvanians to speak up for New York State’s Southern Tier. The Empire State’s leaders are more interested in appeasing a politically correct gentry class domiciled in the ivory towers of Manhattan. Well, that’s not entirely fair. There are numerous New Yorkers willing to speak up and they have done so very articulately and with a passion born of truth. The Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association (PMA) had to provide the forum and they’ve done so with a remarkable good video that is a must-see.

What I’m talking about is a 28 minute video produced by PMA and entitled “The Dividing Line: PA vs. NY Natural Gas Economics.” It superbly illustrates what’s happening in Pennsylvania and what’s not happening in the Southern Tier of New York where hope has been dashed by an uncaring, cunning and corrupt governor intent on burnishing his radical street cred for a run at the Presidency.

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