Trees Cut! Millennium Valley Lateral Project Underway!

Thanks to a recent court ruling against the New York DEC, construction on Millennium’s 7.8 mile Valley Lateral Project, has begun.

Last Thursday, the federal Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the New York Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) request to block of construction of Millennium Pipeline’s Valley Lateral Project. As a quick reminder, Valley Lateral is a tiny, 7.8 mile pipeline in Orange County that will connect the main Millennium pipeline to the CPV Valley Energy Center gas-fired electric plant, currently under construction.

Even though there is still a court case hanging out there (DEC suing FERC) scheduled for a hearing in late January, we said this on Friday: “Construction will likely begin TODAY.” We were right. Millennium fired up the chainsaws and began cutting down trees along the pipeline’s future path, on Friday, the day after the court ruling. Millennium plans to have all trees cleared along the path of the pipeline by Dec. 31. This is a major victory for truth, justice and the American way.

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