U.S. Meets Carbon Emissions Years Early, While Germany Falls Short

The United States is exceeding the Clean Power Plan’s carbon emissions targets and timelines. Germany, however, is poised for a “spectacular miss” meeting their emission goals.

The United States took a lot of heat from Germany and other nations for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, so we should be forgiven for feeling a sense of schadenfreude last week when Germany’s Federal Administrative Court ruled that cities could legally ban diesel cars and trucks in an effort to meet air pollution limits.

After all, that ruling came less than two weeks after Carnegie Mellon University found that the United States met the Clean Power Plan’s (CPP) 2025 carbon emission reduction targets last year and that “the U.S. power sector could meet the Paris Agreement goals even without the Clean Power Plan.” Germany, meanwhile, is poised for a “spectacular miss” of their 2020 greenhouse gas emissions-reduction target.

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