Why the DRBC Is Acting Now: The Motive for Its Dirty Trick

The DRBC has picked a very strange time and even stranger location for hearings on its proposed fracking ban, which is the dirty trick for all time.

Tomorrow, the Delaware River Basin Commission or DRBC will be holding two hearings in Waymart, Pennsylvania on a proposed fracking ban. The hearings will be held, ironically, on the doorstep of the Susquehanna River basin where the same players have allowed natural gas drilling for a decade with “no discernible impacts” on water. Why is DRBC pursuing a fracking ban now? Why has it chosen a location for hearings that highlights the evidence against their proposed ban? The answer to the second question is, sadly, a simple one: gross incompetence compounded with the blindness of those refusing to see.

Many years ago, when my wife, Mary, and I first married, her Fox Terrier, a little dog named Tippy, became part of our new household. He was an extraordinarily crafty fellow and Mary loved to show him off. He was pretty old at the time and only had three good legs but he could still run and thought of himself as the great protector. One morning, when we came out outside, we noticed a skunk in the corner of the yard and Mary decided to test him for my benefit knowing what he’d do. She said “sic ’em, Tippy” and off he took like a rocket on his three legs, yapping all the way, with an eye on the skunk — to the opposite corner of the yard. Tippy was nobody’s fool.

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