XNG Is Positive But If You Don’t Like It, Build A Pipeline!

XNG, contrary to fractivists, is good for Upstate. It responds to a business opportunity created by pipeline opposition. Don’t like it? Blame fractivists.

A recent editorial in our local journal, Hometown Oneonta was titled “At Base, XNG Trucks Bring Nothing Positive Here.” Although informative, it was ultimately misleading. It characterized the transport of CNG (compressed natural gas) by trucks on local roads as unproductive in jobs and property taxes, a nuisance at best, and perhaps dangerous. None of this is accurate.

Gas trucks traverse Otsego County on the way from Pennsylvania to Manheim, NY. From there the Iroquois Pipeline delivers the gas to New England and downstate New York.

Otsego County held an informational meeting in Milford to address concerns after a tip-over in Hartwick on September 12th. The forum included XNG (the trucking company), the State Police, the County’s Office of Emergency Management, and the DOT. A small, vocal minority in the audience tried to hijack the meeting, targeting primarily the company reps and peppering them with “gotcha” questions.

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