The current lease on my 63.5 ac parcel in Unity Twp. with Oil& Gas Management expires in a few months. What is the "new current rate" in the area? Who is everyone around the area going with? 

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What part of Unity are you in ? Are you on border of unity and other township?

I'm on the ridge just east of Lycippus. almost to St. Boniface

Have you been contacted by your company? Or any other landmen ?




I as contacted twice before the lease expired on 11 Sep by a guy from Chevron. I have called 5 different companies since then 2 flat out told me they were not doing anything in that area. the other 3 (including the one I was with)said they would get back to me. I haven't heard from ANY of them.  Right now I don't know if they are just blowing me off because they aren't interested, are too busy to get back to me ,If that is the case they need to hire a few more people or someone is just too lazy to do their job if that is the case they need to hire some new people.  I will say this much about the whole situation, If they were smart about it they would have re-signed me quickly as in before I started looking for how much the going rate was. They could have had me cheap.  Now I have a number in my head that I want and the longer they jerk me around the higher it gets.

I have had some of the same. My contact has been by e-mail mostly, last one from xto and it was rude! I almost sent one back telling them what they could do with it.  Eqt called  and said not right now even through they have some Chk leases they bought right near by.  Can I ask for the name and number you used for Chevron/atlas?  They were drilling on the Youngstown ridge awhile back so the pipeline is in place too. Any info would be helpful. And the longer they make me wait the more I'll be wanting!.

Chevron- Keith Macaroy 724-564-3737

 Thanks for that info. Do you know if Chevron renewed any other leases in your area? If  your not sure and want to know check recorder of deeds office. Are you located on a ridge? Did the landman that you signed with make an issue of the formation of a ridge.  The man we talked with at Atlas in 2009 was thinking  it might be an issue.  Rex and WPX are SLOWLY working their way up from Cook township. We're hopeful get something first of 2015

No idea on how many leases were renewed by Chevron. I don't live in the area anymore so a trip to the courthouse is out of the question for me. Job moved to Texas, so I did too. 

Back in 2009 the ridge issue did come up but after he looked at the maps and where my land is he never mentioned it again. 

Do your self a favor  quit worrying when or if they will com back  I think that i would be working on the lease if they do come back and have the terms worked out so your not rushed into somthing when they do show up  !      Good luck to all 

You can look up all leases on the Westmoreland County Recorder of Deeds website.  There's no need for a trip to the courthouse.


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