We noticed on a recent royalty statement that two wells we have been receiving payments from were not listed.I called the landowner relations line and was told the two wells were" temporally not producing".This was all the info she could give me.Does anyone on here have any idea what  the reasons may be for this particular well status,and even though they said "temporary",could they begin producing again?Thank you.

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There could be numerous reasons why the well isn't flowing. They could not have the pipes in place to move it. They could wait for better pricing. Both of these are the typical reasons but there are also others. It doesn't mean there is no production.

Jason,Thank you for the reply.I guess I'll just have to be patient and see what happens.There seems to be a lot of possibilities...

Yes be patient. If there waiting on better prices that's good for you.

So true.I was afraid 1-either they were going to plug them,2-for some reason they took us out of their production unit,or 3-they were intersecting with a well pad being developed nearby.I like your reasons better...


The well(s) may not be producing because there is insufficient pressure to overcome surface pipeline pressure, or if liquid has accumulated in the production tubing that is inhibiting flow from the shale. Adding surface compression or artificial lift can often make lazy wells productive again.


Thank you,Brian.I'm anxious to see next months statement.


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