We have been approached to purchase our OGM, with what it seems to be decent offer.  Please advice other amounts people have been offered and/or accepted?  We are located in Tioga County, PA. 

We mostly likely will not sell the OGM, we are young and can wait for the potential royalties.  Thanks!

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been offered 4,000 in Wetzel county west Virginia .......and I laughed at them  of course we are setting on a triple play here and possible a 4th play in the rome trough......Marcellus upper Devonian and Utica for sure and who knows whats  below all of that

From your map, the entirety of easternmost Ohio is as well (sitting on top of a triple play).

alotta money to made in all three states.....we have only just begun......more energy here then in Saudi arabia


   Hopefuly four States  ,KY. 

Young folks often want a great life, a new home and a new car RIGHT NOW.  But many things can go wrong while trying to acquire these things. It is better to buckle down while you are younger and learn that life can change in an instant.  And put you into a hole that will cost you only a lifetime of misery.

Having said that, if you have mineral rights such as you say and someone else want to buy them outright, best to say NO! You just might be sitting on a fortune that you are not aware of right now. And that income from royalties could very well make life much happier and less stressful in your later years.

But it is your choice to make.....Don't squander today's money and do not allow other folks to rob you of your oil and gas rights.

Bill L

Got that William, and I respect your advice to the younger set.

But, still have to laugh a bit (as I've worked hard all my life and still do at every opportunity).

I also want to add that not only the younger set want things to happen fast as I and my Mrs. (as Seniors) ALSO want to realize a return on our investment, and our lives to be great and RIGHT NOW to boot (not only for ourselves but also for our children and our grandchildren) ! !

The BEST luck / fortune to ALL !

Good morning Joseph

I am 80 plus years old myself. I worked hard but made little money. But I have had a very rich life in other respects. I own property taken up by my great grandfather about two hundred years ago. It has been a struggle to hang on to it thru the entire two hundred years.  My Will states that I am to be cremated and ashes to be scattered around this property. In effect, I will still be here for a good long time to come!

I am not about to allow someone who has never done a lick of work or struggled to make a living from this little bit of earth to just give away the real value to outsiders! My son and grandson should benefit in years to come knowing that their forebears have had the foresight hang on and pass it down to them. 

Bill L.

Reading you loud and clear.

We're a little less Senior than you but feel the same way about many things.

Beyond that, we would like to see you as well as your children and posterity benefit from your efforts / struggles / blood, sweat and tears as well as that of those of yours who came before you.

Beyond that so would we from / for ours.

Good luck friend we think we all need it in this.
Bill you wrote such a wonderful post! I am approaching 60 and hopefully retirement in a few years. The mineral rights I and my sisters and cousins have inherited from our great grandfather in 1929 are still in the family today. It is so easy for everyone to want that instant gratification to buy things we need immediately. I would like to be able to retire now, get relatives in my family newer vehicles since all of ours are breaking down. Retire to,that house at the beach, but I have done my research online with the Penn state marcellus center. I have read the articles on the Rome trough. I am well aware what our great grandfather left us and I will never sell it.I have tried to make copies of articles about the Marcellus to pass onto my children. Despite the things energy companies have incorrectly told us, we are well aware of what we have inherited. I hope that if I don't reap the benefits from this that maybe my children will. Thank you!

Thank you Debra for you kind comment. Many of us have roots that go deeply in the property that was taken up so many years ago. My own roots go back five generations. The earliest grandparent was the first permanent settler in my particular area. He built an Inn for early westward travelers about 1.5 miles from where I sit. My father was born in that Inn about 1905. And it is now a private home. My father's own grandfather bought the property where I live today.  I also have several deeds, one of which is the one from the Bingham estate to my family.

Bill Ladd

I honor the respect given to your pioneering ancestors and their descendants, Mr. Ladd !! May you and your children live to see the fruits of their and your patience and perseverance.....


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