AEP sold mineral rights on my property to Gulfport but never payed me bonus

Lease was signed Dec 2013. I called them a few times and they never returned my call. First they said they would get check out right away. Then guy told me he hasn't anything to tell me.  After that phone number went dead. It  was signed with Great River Energy. LLCesigned  Dec    2013  .  What

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Check this out--Gastar leased our mineral rights, split between five people for a total of over $8,000 and then when we went to sell the mineral rights to another purchaser, Gastar said we were "zeroed" out. Gastar NEVER bought our mineral rights--we leased them, so how in the hell do Mineral Rights vanish when they paid accordingly to a contract.

Would somebody please explain to me how that even happens? We really think they're wearing us down over dozens of emails to discourage us from contacting them. I'm an ex federal officer with a couple of suits that are still buddies in the CA agency. I'm going after these bozos with a deep probe and audit. I'm starting with the V.P. of Gastar first. Someone has some explaining to do.

Watch out for Neil Cam, the field rep who will NOT answer your questions, but dodge them.

Chris Stevenson--Federal Protection Service. GG Division CALI.

1) Are you CERTAIN that you leased your mineral rights and DID NOT sell them?

2) What does "zeroed out" mean?

3) Are you CERTAIN that you own the mineral rights that you are talking about? (also see 4, below)

4) Is your mineral interest intact with the surface of the land, or was the mineral interest separated from the surface at some point?  If the interest was separated long ago, it is possible that the surface owner could have claimed your rights using the Ohio Dormant Mineral Act.  Just one possibility I can think of, so I thought I'd mention it.

5) Why is Gastar even involved with you selling the mineral rights if you are selling them to a different company?

Hope you can get some help, some people on here may be able to give some (non-legal) advice based on your answers to these questions.

In what county and township is your land?

The guy who messaged me from Gulfport please resend information. I clicked on " friend request" and now your message and info is gone. Thank You very much.

Well got in touch with a senior land guy from Gulfport. He could not get proof from Great River AEp whatever that they paid me so they released the property. Gulfport Is a reasonable company amongst the thieves.

Doesn't Gulfport want to lease your property?


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