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Great find Gary!  That settles it... it's being fracked.  Everyone seems to believe they only drilled a vertical well.  If it is only a vertical, why would they frack it?

This explains it.  In addition, I have found that the Brooke County wells' Initial Open Flow Rates for Oil is between 100 to 300 barrels of Oil per day.  This is per the WVGES website.

Drove by the Allison farm around sunset on Wednesday - Aug. 1st, didn't see any signs of activity (no lights).  Are they still fracking the Well????

Iwas there on the 1st and talked to a chk worker and he said they were finished fracking and were going back to ohio..I asked what they fiund and he said they have to let the well sit for a while..I guess time will tell..

I'm curious then where the water trucks are heading up Rte 2 thru Weirton. Saw 4 yesterday on Rte 2 at 945Pm.

Does anyone know definitively if the entire Allison 3H lateral was drilled back in May or was only the vertical drilled?  The drilling rig didn't seem to have been there long enough to drill a horizontal.  Thanks for anyone's 2 cents.

Has there been any activity at the well site?

Update: the Allison 3H lateral/well has been completed with 8 stages of fracking.  The flowback and IP rate were tested over about 60 hours last month... waiting on these figures.  I hear that there was Condensate involved in the flowback.

Hope your right...keep us posted.


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