need reveiws on Amarado oil co. leasing in Guernsey co.  The good & the bad.  No rumors please. just comments from those who have dealt with them. Are they gonna be drilling here. or just flipping?  Do they pay on time?  etc. etc.

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I have first hand experience with Amarado. I signed a leased with them for $5,250 per acre after speaking with an attorney living nearby who signed a similar lease with them. They paid us 2% at signing. Last week right after 120 days, we received a certified letter in the mail with a check for the full amount due. This is factual from my personal experience. Many of my neighbors are in limbo or voided leases with Shell.
My property is in Westland Township.

Also, I forgot to mention that we leased for 20% royalties.

Philip, I thought it was apparent from my post why I made the comment. My current position in the play has no bearing on my comment about Amarado. The OP asked for reviews on them .. I gave him one. I hope your experience going forward with them is better

"If they were the only game in town we would be best to leave the oil in the ground."

ie. Wait for someone else

I was told last year.. Amarado has more money then Chesepeake...must be true..

Everyone i know has had positive dealings with them... and the landmen...

Remember.. its  a free country and tho some signed up when the money was low.. .thats life...

The positive thing is... Those people that signed will now most likely get Royalty payments..

Many signed for big money with other outfits and have never been paid...yet....JUly 18th...:(

I think that even Amarado has slowed down a bit on lease signing.. but WILL pick back up..

I know of one person that signed with Shell and nothing came of it. and went to Amarado and Amarado was

honest enought to tell that person to wait about 30 days more and if Shell didnt pay up.. come to them....

Many who signed for $5K got nothing and their leases are now... void...

I wouldnt expect lease payments to go higher... i expect them to go lower....

Bird in hand with 20% is better then 0......:)


They have an office in the upstairs of the Architect  design  company building.. behind The Jeff...

On STuebenville ave....

Do you have a phone # for Amarado in Cambridge

When i was talking to them last year it was. 740 255 3145

Thanks ,I just called them .

So heres my question to you all as a group.  Signed with Amarado after doing some research and getting released from Shell.  Signed in June 2012.  Due payment on bonus 1st week of October, for which I have not received.  Tried calling my landman to see the status of my lease and didnt get a return phone call back.  Went to the recorders office this week to see if my lease has been recorded with Amarado, and to my surprise it hasnt been Recorded (New lease) with the County recorder.  Any thoughts? Should I be worried?

Amarado was in a JV. with EQT, who was taking all the leases Amarado was signing in Guernsey co. up to bout July. They just stopped taking them,so Amarado was left holding them without the funding from EQT> Now I see EQT. is having a meet&greet @ the Deerassic Center today.Sept. 30th. Maybe they just decided to eliminate the middleman? Have"nt looked lately to see if Amarado still has their office on southgate behind Arbys.Maybe you should go there and see what"s up?

Here's whats up.  After some long convesations today here's what I have found out.  McGonickle was a flipper who lost his backing because Amarado had the right of first refusal, and McGonickle represented himself as Amarado leasing.   Now EQT is in town, trying to clean up the mess McGonickle and Allan Berry have made with these bad land deals, and making plots for their pads (makes sense) and since leases signed after february are basically S.O.L,  Now McGonicle is nowhere to be found.  Doesnt return phone calls and the office appears to be closed down.  Anyone know where McGonickle is?  I sure cant find him.  Maybe my attorney can. Glad my lease wasnt recorded.  If you signed with Amarado/Mcgonickle, good luck.

I signed with them a couple years ago and fortunately my lease was bought by EQT. Some of the guys involved with Amarado were on linkedin and Facebook. Not sure if they still are. If you send me a private email, I can share more info for you.


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