Lopatofsky 23H   volume of  424,589.49   in only 8 days of production!

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 That's 53 million a day.Shell is getting really good at these.

where is the well located

Remember that data entry errors are quite common. There's been no press release by Shell detailing these results, so it's very possible that the figure given isn't accurate. If the Lopatofsky well really did produce that much gas in 8 days, it would be the best gas well ever drilled in the northeast. But I'm not ready to assume that's true without some confirmation.

As I suspected - there was an error in the DEP records. The well actually produced for 25 days in June, not 8 days. So the daily average production was less then 1/3rd what it appeared to be. Still a nice well but an expensive one, particularly given current natural gas prices.



Off of Charleston Rd on the way into town, near the Living Word Fellowship Church - across from the Llama's. Jack you are sure it was 25 days?

Is it in Delmar township or Charleston Township

It is Charleston Twp..

I am not around wellsboro......is it close to Delmar Township line by any chance

Absolutely. It's a nice well, and certainly in the same range as the Cruttenden, Neal and Watkins wells. But there's never been a well in the Utica that made that much gas in just 8 days. I've found errors in the DEP data before - the producers enter it remotely and the DEP doesn't check or confirm the numbers, they just make them public on a certain date. Luckily I was able to confirm the production with Shell directly this time.

Thank you!


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