Just south of Westfield Pennsylvania more activity is in full operation.  This is very close to the Westfield TV tower. .I believe it is called Aplanalp well.

A pipeline is to connect this new gas well to the Painter well and then supposedly to Dominion storage facility.

Lu Ann  and I was driving around the area and just happened on to this new site. Trees have been taken down and several bulldozers and dump trucks were seen in the area. Looks like much work needs to be done before any drilling rig can be brought in.

Rumor has it that the connecting pipeline might start construction in February.

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With all the rain the last couple of days, I'll bet it is a quagmire today. There was no evidence of gravel anywhere on the road leading from Sabinsville to the site. or on the access  from the road to actual pad site as far as I could see.


They took down the drilling rig on the Painter site yesterday or the night before. Lu Ann and I just made a trip to the Aplanalp site just for fun a few minutes ago. There is much activity there now. I presume that the drilling rig is somewhere on this site.

One of the Painter Girls just came home from  A Chicago cancer center. She is a good friend of ours. A cancer about the size of a grapefruit was discovered last November. It was removed a few weeks ago. She is only 23 years old with two kids. She is doing very well in healing up. But has to under go "Chemo" in weeks to come.

We all hope there will be no more problems for her with cancer for a good long time

Bill L.

Sad to report that on the fifteenth of May our little friend Jackie Painter passed away. She left two little babies, one about 4 and the other about 2.

We miss our little friend terribly. It has been about 14 months since Jackie Painter/Outman passed away.  Her two little babies are doing pretty good and seemed to be adjusting quite well. The oldest one is now in preschool.  Lu Ann and I visited them a few days ago after nearly six months of not seeing them. We were afraid they would not remember us. 

"Gramma and Granddad Ladd is here!"  they shouted.

That impromptu visit made our day. We only stayed about a half hour.  Great to see these little kids are doing so well!

Granddad Lass


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