Just wondering if anyone has received bonus payment for the signing on September 21/12 for the township of Wayne, Belmont County or any of the other four townships???

The 120 days was up yesterday.....nothing yet here.

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I will give you my e-mail address. Let me know when you get it and I will give you my number. mcuddles0@yahoo.com

Hope they aren't like Carrizo company! They used there 120 business days and there extension and at the end of it they sent all there leases back! and gave lies for reasons not to sign! are group meet with eclipes and everyone signed less than a day later with extra 300.00 for doing so! Then was paid thirty some days early than the due date! Hope everything works out!    

My cousin and I have 2 separate leases but it's on the same property. I haven't recieved any kind of correspondence yet but he did on Saturday and it sounds like they are going to honor the lease. I hope so. Thanks


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