A woman from XTO called and said than one of the forms I recently signed (about a right of way for road widening) didn't have my address on it and she will be sending an addendum form for me to sign and have notarized to add the address.  So I asked if there was anything else on the addendum form.  My instincts were spot on, because she said that, umm, there was another thing on it about lease renewal terms.  Sneaky rats, the address was just a ruse, I'm sure.  I'd like to know if anyone else who signed with my group back in September 2011 got a similar call and can provide some insight into the lease renewal addendum.  I hate the thought of again paying a lawyer for advice! 

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WOW!! Very underhanded!! I'd love to see a copy of that addendum so I could share it with local landowners.

Just tell them you will not sign without legal fee reimbursement ($250?). Probably not worth signing anyway, if it has new lease terms. Probably want 10 years for 2k/acre. Might even be a sale of O&G rights.
Don't sign anything unless you're 100% certain.


   Amendment or ratifications can modify a lease form and add anything into a current lease. Please make sure you read it carefully before signing it. XTO Energy is owned by ExxonMobil, and they are drilling. My family deals with a very professional landman in WV who represents XTO. He explains the whole document. I had my aunt take it to a family attorney. The attorney told her that he is giving all the info on the document. It was to add a pooling and unit clause into the current lease. A lot of these Landmen or Land women have tons of pressure on them to get these documents signed. I also would like to ask more questions to this lady, she may only have less then a year in the oil and gas industry. There is a lot of landman with no knowledge at all. Need any help, please feel free to contact me anytime!



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