Do you have a lease and have you looked at any deals to sell a percentage of your rights? I'm looking for advice, warnings, what to watch for, etc.!

Thanks! Christiane

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Mary, what I was saying is that sometimes it is not correct or filled in properly.

Last spring (2012) we had an offer to sell the mineral rights out right, for anyone in our group, from a Texas company for $6,000. That was a week before Chesapeake went into it's tailspin, and they withdrew our offers.

I was approached by Turner oil and gas representing Antario Not sure of spelling, for property in Monroe county where I own mineral oil and gas rights.



Turner oil and gas  are the landmen  for Antero. They do all their leasing.

We have received letters daily, then we started receiving phone calls nightly. This week they started coming to the house knocking on the door. Offers vary from $5000 an acre as of this week it was up to $12,000. We are keeping our mineral rights, but for some people it might be worth looking into to sell some of the mineral rights. They know how much these rights are worth, that is why they are offering $12,000 an acre. Good luck.....but make sure you vet the company before hand!

Catt where are your minerals located? Sounds like a fairly good spot and I bet you are real close to being produced!
At least that is what I gather from others who have posted over the years here. When the offers start ramping up in $ and frequency , expect something to happen real soon. Best of luck to you!


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