Anyone know why the laterals are so short on Ascents newly permitted Harrison county well?

Odnr reports this well was permitted on 7/4 for only 123 acres. Acsent Doesn’t have anything in the area here in Harrison county, oh. That is comparable.  Please share what this is...It doesn’t look like a typical horizontal Utica well from the attached odnr pics4

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That appears to be a large pad, particularly for three wells. Might be constructed to allow for more wells in the future?

I couldn't find any mention of the lateral lengths on the photo(s) provided. Do you know the scale of the map and/or the distance measurements of one of the squares (#29 in particular)?

The map might be a bit simplistic to accurately show the true dimensions of the well plats?

What lateral lengths does Ascent use on other current/new wells in other areas? 

The most logical explanation is that someone from ODNR screwed up on the data entry side.

The banjo wells (x3) measure just over 1/4 mile each, ascents wells in the area are 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 mile horizontals. PA joe I had that thought as well, might have been a odnr computer glitch...a call to the Columbus office could confirm or rule out that theory. 

OK I got the skinny on this well with the Shorty horizontals . This is essentially a temporary well permit that will be revised. Title work slowed down the permitting process, when the new permit is issued it will show much longer laterals and increased acreage vs the current 123ac.  It’s been a long wait for drilling action in shortcreek twp. this is only the 2nd well in this twp Not including The Hess well in 2012 that was cancelled.  I think That canceled well scareddrillers away from this twp, but that has changed, hope they stay drilling steady 

According to the plat maps these are correct on ODNR map. They also permitted short laterals on the Domino pad. Any explanation yet?

I see the domino wells short laterals, can’t speak about that one.  As far as the banjo well answer/explanation holds true...per the odnr person that I spoke with along with ascent rep.   Temporary permit while title work being finished.  The current permit is for the pad and the casing ...which they are installing now.   I noticed a falcon rig sign by the entrance.

Without looking, I know of a similar well in Carroll County. The Buck Well has one typical length lateral, 1H to the North West while the South Eastern 6H well is much shorter. The short lateral only affects a few Landowners, and they have taken a beating on their Royalties since 2014.

It's possible that theft was the motive for only having a few landowners in the Unit. No other reasons have ever been given for a short lateral.

The Hale vs Chesapeake Arbitration in the link below explains all but 2 major thefts. The ODNR was notified of these 2 thefts but we will keep them a secret for a while longer.



     On my response I assumed You meant Horizontals.  The laterals are the fracted lines that are used to reach out and touch a property to hold it by production until the additional Horizontal Wells are drilled that actually take the well products that were missed by the 1200 ft or more extended laterals.


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