Our lease is up in September and was wondering what the going rate may be?  I've been hearing that most people are being lowballed?

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Hey' Mother what is the latest on your lease, did you get a new one or not? If you did is it one you can live with, if not are you talking to anyone about a new one?

No ours expires in about a week and haven't heard from EQT.  Spoke with Lola and their offer was not even close to what I would settle for.

If you would please keep me updated as I still have 10 months on mine,but I was already informed from E.Q.T. that they were going to let it go.

Mother doesn't your lease state that if they take that 3 year extension that they have to pay the same bonus as they paid in the beginning?  Ours does.

Yes Dott that's what it says.  I doubt they will go for that.  Would you happen to know if they have taken the 3 year extension on other?  I think they will either cut us loose or want to re-negotiate for less. 

Mother, I do not know about any extensions either way.  I am not a lawyer but I don't know if they can legally re negotiate for less since you have a contract. I know this waiting to find out what will happen is difficult. I am in the same boat but in a different area and with a different company. Just have faith it will turn out as it is supposed to.

The lease pretty much says they either sign for exactly the same terms as the last 5 years or cut us loose.  I look for them to cut us loose.  I agree...what will be will be...

We just finished a lease were the company took the 3 year option. They owe you what you originally recieved per acre. We are in wetezl and tyler and signed a new lease for 5k a acre and 18%. Good luck
Thanks for the info.
Jackson Twp offered $5500/acre signing bonus, but to lease Marcellus + Utica is worth much more.

I live in Jackson Twp.& have done so for many years can't say I have heard tell of you. Where is your property located at? I have a current lease with E.Q.T. thanks to them buying out Rice. It is set to expire soon & was informed by E.Q.T. that they intend to let it expire.

EQT wants everything they can get free. They want to lease both Marcellus and Utica for same price. They want to deduct post production costs or costs to move and refine the product beyond the wellhead for which they get a much higher price.
Then they pay us only a wellhead price. So even though we pay for that enhanced production, they wont share the higher profit. Landowners are entitled to be treated with a little dignity and fairness. Its hard to get a fair deal without an oil and gas attorney.


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