Our lease is up in September and was wondering what the going rate may be?  I've been hearing that most people are being lowballed?

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Mother doesn't your lease state that if they take that 3 year extension that they have to pay the same bonus as they paid in the beginning?  Ours does.

Yes Dott that's what it says.  I doubt they will go for that.  Would you happen to know if they have taken the 3 year extension on other?  I think they will either cut us loose or want to re-negotiate for less. 

Mother, I do not know about any extensions either way.  I am not a lawyer but I don't know if they can legally re negotiate for less since you have a contract. I know this waiting to find out what will happen is difficult. I am in the same boat but in a different area and with a different company. Just have faith it will turn out as it is supposed to.

The lease pretty much says they either sign for exactly the same terms as the last 5 years or cut us loose.  I look for them to cut us loose.  I agree...what will be will be...

We just finished a lease were the company took the 3 year option. They owe you what you originally recieved per acre. We are in wetezl and tyler and signed a new lease for 5k a acre and 18%. Good luck


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