ascent offer me 500 ac 10 years lease  when they drill rest of lease cancel  in moorefield twp harrison

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assume that is 500 per acre  per year? how many acres

80 acre yes 500 per ac per year

 best thing you can do is have an oil and gas attorney go over your lease with you ........what was the terms of your original lease and remember 10 years is a long time to tie up your minerals also do they get to recover what bonus they payed you when they do drill before you receive your first royalty check;;;say they have paid you 40,000 do they take it back out of your there a pugh clause in this new lease to limit HBP acres to only the ones in the drilling unit


mwill you be notified if the lease changes to another producer????

this is your chance to get your lease the way u want and to make it more landowner friendly landman can say what ever he likes the only thing that really matters is the contract you sign with them

lawyer lawyer lawyer

There are so many aspects to this offer you have received.

Better to say many missing things needing to be entered and clarified.

This offer sounds so simple but it is way far from it.

Lawyer up QUICK!


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