Signed with Shell on Dec 15, 2011 and just received bank draft back.  Reason for return was listed as "Title and Curative issues".  I spoke to Holland Services, the signing agency, who stated that my deed was never researched because I only had 9.141 acres and Shell would not accept less than 10 acres.  Anyone have suggestions?  Any other folks with this problem?  Any lawyers out there with legal advice?

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Drew could ya video the delivery  of the Camaro to the wife  and share it ?  Ya have to be sneaky Luv to see the look !!!!

Congrats to you and your wife. Life changing for sure!

As you can see by my photo, I'm a  Camaro nut from back in the day. I think I'd be buying a pair of them : )

In case you want to peruse a Camaro forum before a purchase, I recommend here

Congrats on receiving your check, sounds like you are going to spend some wisely.

Drew;   Congratulations!!! Hope you get the Camaro in time for "Back to the 50s"

You need to buy 1 more acre to add to your land ownership.  But, you already thought about that, right ?

Congratulations!  Sounds like a wonderful time ahead!

Drew, I'm so happy for you - I just signed a new 45 day lease after the 120 day lease on Oct. 20, 2011 fell thru.  I am unemployed, scared of losing my home and have a part/part-time job until Sept.  Sure could use that money from Shell for bills.  Bless you for thinking of your wife - someone taught you well.

I spoke with Angela at Shell and Holland, got the same response. I was told that my title would not be searched and that shell is releasing land less than 10 acres. A new directive is that land under 10 acres is being released.


You can't trust Shell, et all (SWEPI LP, Shell Appalachia) or Holland Services. They are all going to get hit with eight figure lawsuits for fraud and civil conspiracy.


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