I must assume if you have a Beck Lease about due to expire, you have received a copy of Appeals Court decision that "Tolled" all of the leases and stopped the expiration at Oct.1, 2012.  Mr. Beck sent us a copy.

I have a very hard time with this, as we chose not to enter the lawsuit because we felt we did enter the lease (with ignorance) and would honor our commitment.  Now Judges have essentially said  even though we did not enter the suit we will be a part of it.

Of course if the judgeship is an elected position we certainly won't  have much effect on it will we?

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All the leases times are on hold until the outcome of the court case (regarding the leases being unlawful).  The good news, is if the court agree's with the lower court decision, you are out of your lease.

Beck apparently won part of the other case vs Munroe Falls.  The judge ruled that munroe falls can not have laws to supercede state law regarding well drilling, but other local laws regarding right of ways are ok as long as they don't try to stop well drilling. 



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