Beland Utica Energy LLC, if you have not heard of this company in Ashtabula, you soon will.  Beland out of Texas is opening up an office to lease aggressively, your time may be upon you.

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I agree with you for the most part. However, is $4250.00 per acre a good amount or is $5000.00 a good amount? I don't really know. Most of do not at this point.

Most of us folks in Northern Ashtabula County are just learning about UTICA shale and I, for one, being a novice have to read and ask what is right or wrong. Attorney's will tell you one price/lease and a land owner group will not tell you anything until an offer is on the table, Sound confusing...?

Big business operates this way so I can understand why no numbers come from a land owner group until its offered.

Being a simple land owner like most of us are you tend to put your trust in a good attorney or landowner group (ie, ALOV)_. Who is right..and who is wrong? Read what you can..ask a million to REAL knowledgable people..then decide.

I am open to all valid comments and feedback on northern Ashtabula county leasing.

My Amish neighbors don't read so they signed with Wishgard . and talk to folks who are familiar with O&G in Ashtabula County.

Bill..... Where is your property located?   How many acres do you have? 


My experience with this play is that all who cast their lot with landgroups are fools.  This statement will come to past a few years from hence, it has already been proven in Columbiana.

You cast a wide net with that statement, who are you to define what is right for a individual?

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do"

Benjamin Franklin 

Well, by me being a fool, I netted a six-figure payday in Trumbull County.  This fool was just wise enough to follow ALOV's advice and get my title cleaned up before the BP lease signing. I for one am very grateful for all ALOV has done for me and my neighbors.  If some hold-out in the future gets $10,000 per acre, I will congratulate them without any regrets.


Ron, I would agree with your statement only in regard to joining a landowner group with inexperienced leadership who makes hasty, ill-informed decisions.  Bob Rea has proven to be disciplined and saavy...  he has earned the respect of the big boys.  I expect his success to be replicated Ashtabula in due time.

Yes, friends we shall remain.  I do think we were well served in Trumbull...  but I'm happy to acknowledge your differing opinion.  Thanks.

It is for the individual that i speak and why i am sad.
I have 40 acres in Dorset and Richmond Twp.

Activity in northern Ashtabula county has not picked up yet...but in time it will..this is for certain.

I have had copies of many leases that are floating around as I wanted to compare apples to oranges. Each one has good points and each one has bad points for the landowner. I had all my title searches done and the releases signed off by Enervest. From now until some major player comes in I will read a lot and ask a lot of questions.

People rushed and signed when Wishgard came in last year for $1500.00 per acre.
The county recorder site shows many, many sign ups now now many many releases.
I am hearing that northern Ashtabula county may be split up between major players due to its size. What happens if "A" company offers more than "B" company and your property is in the "B" area. Your numbers and lease wording will be different than "A" company.

This site offers a lot of information/opinion but the real answer for most of us is to read, research and ask a lot of questions from people in the industry. Once you sign a lease your property and your family are basically committed for life to the O&G machine called big business.

All valid input and opinions are welcome.

Hello neighbor.

Standing by - reading - listening - asking questions myself.

Keep posting.

If someone will actually pay you $4,250/acre for land in Ashtabula you're crazy not to take it.  

We signed in June with Beland and received a HUGE amount of money for our signing bonus for 19 acres..They paid exactly what they told us and our money showed up exactly 90 days later...Happy!


Good for you and your family.  Get what you can and enjoy it.


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