Beland Utica Energy LLC, if you have not heard of this company in Ashtabula, you soon will.  Beland out of Texas is opening up an office to lease aggressively, your time may be upon you.

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I disagree with Marcus that limestone would  automatically have a hydrualic conductivity less than any other geology in Ohio.  Many limestone aquifers in ohio have karst like secondary porsity routes and conductivity rates that put sand and gravel to shame.  Core data would support or deny the claim on the porosity and overall hyrdaulic conductivity.


I accidentally deleted my post because, well, I'm evidently an idiot.  I'm not taking the time to write it all up again.  The general thrust of it was that I'm not sold on any theory with so little data, so for now I will simply say that you make a good and informed point.

Where is the office going to be at?????????????????

No one knowsssss........................

These days I wouldn't call any economical production insignificant.
Consider the oil wars expense as portion of the cost per barrel recovered.
True enough however some production units out-do others; but that was not the point of your reply to DF.
The apparent dragging of feet considering what it's all costing all of us nationally is to say the least disturbing - and I hope disturbing to many U. S. citizens.
IMHO our government is failing us in favor of enriching a small minority of it's citizens and by squandering our nation's wealth protecting OPEC oil.
We have the ability to correct all of this but our leadership won't as it continues to favor special interests that have bought priority.
It simply stinks.

"This formation and others is in it's infancy and those who are patient will realize economic benefits for the next 50 - 100 years."

I'd argue that it's more prudent to sell off everything now if that's the case.  If you're going to sit around and wait several decades for something to be maximized why in the world would you leave that up to the whims of an oil company?  Give me $100,000 of your money today, then come back to me in 30 years (I'm not extending my life by five more decades in this scenario) and I'll hand you back your money in a dump truck.  The miracle of compound interest would make many people very, very rich if they were willing to divest today, not spend a dime of that money and move it somewhere smart for a generation.  Alas, people don't think that way anymore.

Another link to a report with what seems to be pretty good map data.

Scroll down through the report to find the map.

What do you folks think ?


Fang F Fang,

These boundary lines that are drawn on the maps seem to me must be based mostly on the seismic data as opposed to actual core drills / deep wells.

Saying that because in my geography for instance there are plenty of shallow Clinton wells but not many Core Samples / Deep Well results to refer to.

If they keep waiting they may be shooting themselves in the foot so to speak by not developing the resources instead of just thinking about it.

They must be able to afford to take the chance of shooting themselves in the foot I'm thinking - making enough to keep their shareholders fat and happy and stalling for more time to raise the prices !  Probably mostly business math kicking in here !

Waiting too long may prove more expensive than they think considering pending legislation.

I say let's get the show on the road and make some deals and drill some wells !

By the way, our place is practically sitting on top of the boundary line shown between the 'Black Oil' and the 'Volatile Oil'.  That line right now is conjecture seems to me - our neighbors and our place may very well be in the 'Volatile Oil' window.


Hoping likewise Fang F Fang.

I've also heard low geo pressure may be a concern but have always thought that a pump jack / nodding donkey would take care of that issue.

In a low geo pressure horizontal application my intuition tells me that a cavity may have to be created at the end of the (frac) lateral and the lateral sloped down toward the cavity.  This would seem to me to facilitate draining the lateral (after fracturing) toward the cavity.  Then a 2nd vertical into the cavity drilled and pumped down with a pump jack.  Any merit in that line of thought / technique ?


Fang F Fang,

I think like this:

If a Resource is available and the Resource is recoverable and the Resource is required; the only question is: 

What would the sell price of the recovered Resource be ?

Then when we consider bureaucrats taxing recoverable Resources for the purpose of filling bureacratic coffers to make more money available to spend (among many other frivolous reasons on their own salaries) and weigh the unreasonble against the more reasonable rising recovery cost of the Resource - thinking people would question just where the real value is ?

Are rising recovery costs a good reason to raise selling prices of recovered Resources when you consider job creation, energy independence within grasp, and a more than necessary domestic economic recovery ?  I say yes.

Is raising taxes a good reason to raise selling prices of recovered Resources ?  I say no. 

However, I admit that the selling prices will rise in either scenario.

I got that part - but it's time to pull out all the stops if you ask me - damn the torpedos - full speed ahead.

Mr Fang...

When you say "black oil" what exactly does it describe. Is this the stuff Jed Clampett found? Many novices out here who do not have a clue about this new Utica field and most of the replies, statements here are over our heads. Do the products that come out of the Utica shale include black oil or is this something separate.

Are you and Joseph Ohio saying that NE Ashtabula is not a good area for the newly found Utica or are you saying that it will be a while until someone actually drills test wells for actual results?

What determines a "volatile area" Actually what is a volatile area. Many of us newbies never heard of this wording.

Are there any accurate maps/surveys etc out there that define what exactly is in Northern Ashtabula County. I know you are not from that geograhical area but based on your replies on this site on different topics I can see that you are well versed on you responses/replies as to other mouths that talk with just a beer in hand opinion

I and many others would to hear your past couple of responses broken down in a more
user friendly manner as knowledge is power.

Joseph...I believe we both live within walking distance of each other so I welcome any valuable input you have regarding our general area.



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