Beland Utica Energy LLC, if you have not heard of this company in Ashtabula, you soon will.  Beland out of Texas is opening up an office to lease aggressively, your time may be upon you.

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I'm actually quite a ways from there...on Sisley Rd., about 1 1/2 mile south and maybe 1/4 mile west of the Town Hall...

Hi all

So what's the latest with Beusa / Beland in southern Ashtabula?

Depolarized i am with you. any news on this permit?

Heard from a fellow who told me that his land was part of the drill unit.

He told me that they postponed development until spring 2014.

Also a landman told me that all he heard was that it was stopped and that he took that to mean that they weren't going ahead with it (indefinitely.

I'm inclined to believe the landowner.

The landowner also offered that if the 1st 5 yr. term expires that he'd then be in line for another 5 yr. extension and he would be fine with that.

How and why would Beland dish out millions and millions of dollars in "bonus" money and then do NOTHING to get what they were going after? I have a vested interest in this and am very curious to find out WHEN our money will be coming. I spoke to Linda at Beland and she said everything WILL commence in the spring of 2014...If ANYONE KNOWS anything...please let me know...thank you

Thank you for the info.
The sooner your well gets developed the better as far as we're concerned.
Kindly keep us all informed as you learn of any new information pertaining to your well development.
Thanks again.


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