Three wells sold in the land of "goat pasture".  Halcon now owns the Buckeye in Hartford, and Two others that sold belong to ??  Only sure of the Buckeye as I drove by there today.  Lennington and Zerovitch perhaps?  Anyone know for sure and who now owns them?  Quite interesting considering all the negativity there has been about the north for a long time.  Snort - care to add some input?  Anyone?

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Mj I was kind of wondering about these short laterals both BP and Halcon were drilling. Maybe they were both getting in the way of each other and can do some 10,000 foot ones now.

I'm guessing they put a Halcon sign up over the BP?

Thanks for the news MJ.

Keep us advised.

Reads like an indicator and good news to me.

Bob, also thank you.

Keep us all advised.

How do you know this for sure? Is there a name change at the site itself? 

Very surprised it was HK.  Very surprised.  

As you wrote that you would be earlier Mr. D. - now what does it mean to you in your analysis ?

I look for Enervest and Halcon to frack these three wells again in the future !

I wonder if these will become science experiments?


That is what I was thinking !!  

Dexter, I for one value your expertise and clinical output. What do you think this means? I am not a betting man, but I never would have bet on Halcon. Do you think this shows promise for the area? At the very least, it beats the heck out of silence. Kudos to MJ for best guess.

The BP sign gone and Halcon sign up on Buckeye well.

Strange things can and do happen Dex.  I am wondering about the other two wells - who now owns them.  I guess we will learn that shortly.


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