Amended JES South, ACW, Krise South, SGL Hardy North and Tyler units.

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Hi Wayne. I am sure you have been asked this a hundred times but I cannot view this, even if I subscribe to Dropbox. Any suggestions?

 It's a Google Earth file. Google Earth must be installed first.

 I don't know, something seems to have changed. I'll work on it.

Wayne, I appreciate you work. I just tried to open this file on an iPad and it will not load. Perhaps the issue is the iPad cannot open a large file. When I get to my computer, I will try again. But your efforts are appreciated.

Tried to download the file using Dropbox. The message I received on Dropbox is that a kmz file cannot be opened. Not sure what the answer is here.  

I also cannot open it

 The only difference I'm seeing is a message .kmz files cannot be previewed, but if you  click the download button it loads as normal.????

Wayne: I was being technologically Incapacitated.  By opening Google Earth before I tried the kHz. file I was successful in viewing the work you have done. Thank you for the work and thank you for your patience.


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