Added Chief Jacobson unit. Amended Lucarino, Roy,, Schlapfer South, Harlan North, Otten, Krise South, Stoudt, Burke North and Abell G units.

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Hi Wayne: I find your Pooled Unit maps very useful in my mineral appraisals for landowners. As one of my next steps I have to identify some Pooled Units, which are being held by DUCs. Quite a task.

In the meantime, which ultimate source of your data can I mention, when I give YOU credit to your maps in my reports? Is your source County Court House recordings or do you have another source?


John Gustavson, Certified Minerals Appraiser 

 The well pad sites are from data supplied by the companies to DEP to obtain the permit. The unit info is taken from the map included in the unit declaration or unit amendments recorded in the courthouse. The Instrument # under the unit description is the document # given by the recorder's office for the latest filing.

Makes sense. Thx for the work of researching and mapping. John

Hi Wayne: I worked with your data and found Bradford Pooled Unit maps missing for these five from which one of my client receives income. You have the Sites mapped OK. I just thought that I would let you know and learn, if these had some unknown problems?

Gerbino, Guinan, Jelliff, Jenkins, Warren. They are all producing.

Thx again for your work. Your mapping has been very helpful. I am now trying to identify DUCs. 

John Gustavson, Certified Minerals Appraiser

 The Guinan and Jenkins wells seem to be included in the Hoppaugh unit map. Instrument # 201211106. It appears I missed the others. I'll check.

The Guinan and Jenkins wells seem to be included in the Hoppaugh unit map.

I agree.


 I found Jelliff. Declared by Belden-Blake in Feb 2003 long before I started keeping score. Do you know who operates Warren and Guinan?

GUINAN 2H EOG 37-015-20281

I looked around there and I think you might have a ghost in the Range Resources Earls Unit.

I just cannot find it or a proposed well in any PA records.


Earls unit declared by Great Lakes Energy Jul 18, 2007 assigned to Range Nov 24, 2009. Here's the map.

Thx. However, the original Earls lease was from 24 Jan 2001, and for ten years. I have a copy.

Since I see NO activity or permitting on any PA records and no lease renewals anywhere near, it must just be an old Pooled Unit. Do they expire by themselves?


John B. Gustavson, Certified Minerals Appraiser

I'm not sure what happens. However, it was re-assigned to Range in Nov 2009 so I'm thinking it is on someone's books.


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