Hilcorp seems to easily swim against the current of negativity about the viability of the Northern Utica. They have wells in Mahoning County, Beaver County, and Mercer County. You can hit a few Mercer County wells from the Trumbull County line with a rock. There is no doubt that the further south you go, the better the fishing. But proven success in the Northern tier, should not, and can not be ignored either. They seem to be prospecting, producing, and succeeding in the Northern Utica.

Houston energy company gives out $100,000 bonuses to all employees

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deer spotter,

How do you know Ohio's Natural Gas would not go to the apparently proposed  new Compressor in Mercer ? ?

Might have been a different map I saw earlier since this one shows a line leaving Ashtabula County and into Crawford County PA and on to Mercer.

J-O: In the mid 80's FERC issued a ruling that NFG could no longer operate in northeast Ohio. The two interconnects NFG had into Ohio in the Orangeville and Jamestown area were cut off and capped. East Ohio Gas took over NFG'S operations in Ohio. NFG installed new compression at TGP STA 219 Mercer Sta. and upgraded piping at Henderson compressor sta. These projects increased NFG'S capacity to move more gas in their western PA. system. These two projects are completed and put into service Nov 2014

Thanks deer spotter.

Do you know of any more supporting information / maps for the lines discussed by Sage59 as planned at theTrumbull / Ashtabula County line ?

J-O: Not at this time, but I only deal in PA. Best of luck.


    The only real way to tell if you have an honest O&G company, is to compare production vs sale price (if it was a fair sale to start with) then use your decimal ownership number from your Division Order (they might not use it, so you have to check that as well) and determine if that $15 an acre royalty you received approaches the monthly pay out per acre you calculated.

If you have any negative numbers you are being cheated since you have sold a valuable product and should have no reason to have a negative number on your royalty statement.

If you have a bad lease, then it goes without doing the calculation that you are being cheated from day 1.

I know folks in all 3 producing states and they have told me they are being cheated. No one is bragging about becoming a Millionaire, not since 2013. Even the Million a year landowner told me he was down to 1/4 of that and dropping fast in 2014.

So God has decided you should only get a fraction of your royalties. I don't think God works like that, favoring thieves.

The Laws of the US need to be enforced to protect the landowners from the common thief, what that thief does for a business or how rich they are shouldn't matter. 

Sage/Bob- I'm impressed by Hilcorp paying such a bonus considering all the doom and gloom we read about the oil/gas industry today. It speaks volumes about Hilcorp. This is a privately held company that isn't going to throw away good money on a speculation. They know what they're doing and obviously have convinced a major investor like Carlyle that they do. Carlyle invested 1.4 billion dollars in Hilcorp's western PA/ eastern OH ventures (20% ownership of Hilcorp's leases in 4 counties). Just in the past 90 days they recorded at least 31 leases in Coolspring Twp Mercer county PA next to the Jefferson Zigo well. Why would they do that if this area is dead. I think Bob is right in that all of this is in preparation for a future Shell cracker plant that's 5 plus years away. Also, Hilcorp works side by side with Chevron which holds most of the deep rights in Mercer County. The wells that are being drilled are in areas where leases are close to expiring like those in Lawrence county, tying up leases (HBP). It's all part of a master plan that all of us can only speculate about. We'll all know what that is after it happens. As Is often said here, JMHO.......jl
Also reads to me like you've got your eye on the ball JohnL.

It should be quite interesting to see what Hilcorp's strategy is in a couple of  years when leases start running out in NW PA that are not HBP


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