Lets say 60 or so of my acres get left out of a drilling unit. Why couldnt i team with a small driller to develop it ?  Leave cost out of your answer.

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i will have more details in a week or so.... MGGA

so, what are the dimensions of the unleased acres?

a PP horizontal must stay 500' from acreage not included in the drilling unit.

IMHO....too much $$$$ to do it

I would love to see someone drill there own well. Costs could be offset finding contractors that will work for a % of royalties. I've meet a few folks in WV that say they have vast reserves of gas under them but no one wants to lease because pipelines aren't planed or to expensive because of terrain. They considered drilling their own well but didn't know how it would get to market. They were near electric transmission lines. I suggested they group together and drill and build their own NG cogeneration power plant and get it to market thru the electric lines. Good luck what ever happens.

In the late 70s and 80s a lot of wells were drilled or had drilled by land owners in the city of Erie Pa and some are still producing today for business owners and home owners on small lots.


You could go after a shallower oil producing formation.  Cunningham Energy is doing that here in WV with some success--they're not bankrupt yet.  That would remove the pipeline problem from the equation, and the technology to drill to 3000 feet (for example) is easier to get than the technology to drill to 6000 feet.

Definitely do get an attorney who can help you through the farmout agreement, the joint operating agreement, the cost estimates (I forget what they are called), and the other legal agreements that are going to be necessary.  A CPA with oil and gas experience will be able to save you a lot on taxes.

I'd love to see you do this.  I've seen other people on forums discuss doing this but it never seems to happen, probably because it's awfully complicated.  That's why there aren't as many wildcatters around as there used to be.

I have been waiting over 8 yrs for them to drill.  now they let me go right in the middle of their sweet spot ?  i want to team up and drill my own.  if i did do this it would blow up lots of acreage for two major drillers.  im in the middle of there lease holds.  if anyone has a wildcatter in mind please post...


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