Carrizo pushing for proof of expiration on "Prior Lease": waste of time?

My parents have been getting calls from a neighbor that owns a little over 5 acres near their property.  He signed a lease with Carrizo but they have not paid him because they say that my parents need to sign off on a previous lease -- one that has not been in effect for many years (and from the previous land owner; not my parents).  Carrizo had also stopped by before all this and wanted my parents to sign a paper to some such effect.  They showed it to their lawyer, and at that time he said 'don't bother with it, its nothing'.

Today they received a certified letter from an attorney representing Carrizo saying that they have 30 days to have the "Prior Lease released, or alternatively, assert in good faith the facts upon which would prove the Prior Lease is in its secondary term...."  What "secondary term"?

As stated, the 'Prior Lease' was with the previous land owner.  That lease was released many years ago, when my father bought the rights to the existing gas well as they were going to shut it down.  I know it is clear, as my land used to be part of this also, and we have our own lease (just a year and a half old) and my parents are also leased.  It doesn't make sense to me, but I don't want them to just ignore it and something possibly happen, and I am also trying to avoid more legal fees for an attorney to interpret it.

Anyone else come across this nonsense?

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Dodge Charger,

Are you trying to be a Charge Dodger?

I dunno: you trying to be a comedian?  ;-)

This is bogus.  Carrizo's attorney is engaging in some serious CYA.  If the lease has a release of record then that should be enough.  If you father wants to send them a copy of the paperwork showing that the well--not the lease--was transferred to him then that should be more than enough to end this.  I don't see any upside in your parents signing a document prepared by someone else's lawyer to aid his client in a matter that no longer involves them.  Just my opinion.


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