Well I don't know if everyone feels the way I do but my wish came true and we will no longer have to deal with Chesapeake.  It is true that Southwest Energy owns Chesapeake leases in Hancock County but they still have to wait 1 month because another company has some kind of option for 1 month before everything is totally official.  A little bird, and this is a rumor at this time, has said that Southwest has expressed a desire to have 11 wells drilled by the end of 2015 in Hancock County.  They are not going to let any moss grow under their feet.  It looks like it may finally be out turn!  Here's wishing it's all true.

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    I couldn't be happier for you and landowners of Hancock County. You have done nothing less than dodged the bullet by not having CHK paying (more like rationing) your Royalties. Most people still don't know the truth about the many ways the Royalty Statements are being manipulated and are hoping that they get a fair payment from CHK but that isn't going to happen.

I figure now that WV requires producers to report NGL production, the pickins will be slim for those producers that were planning on taking NGLs and paying little to nothing for them.

I can only hope the landowners down in Kentucky see a huge increase in CHK drilling soon. I figure their politicians will be difficult to buy out, so maybe Kentucky landowners will be the first to break the chain of landowner Royalty non-payment (theft in my opinion) documented across the country.

For UW: This isn't CHK Bashing, it's the truth and can be easily verified by a reader in 15 minutes on the internet. Or someday if you get a Royalty Statement you'll know first hand about Royalty Rationing.

If corporations are people, Then Chesapeake is going to hell.

it is a good thing for all of us in wva and pa .....southwestern has to drill to recoup the 5 billion it is spending here ....go SOUTHWESTERN  go  the 1 month is up about Nov 16 from what I have read SW plans on 6 rigs right away and 11 by 2017  cheasepeake only has one or two running in this area right now .....more rigs means more wells means more landowners with more money .....all good

FANTASTIC !      I am so Happy for all of you !!


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