Here is a link to an article I read this morning about the celeb anti-fracking movement which is attempting to muck up and influence legislators in NY. It's worth a read because they are not just focusing on the NY DEC but are also trying to make wave within the EPA. Not surprisingly they have failed to register as a lobbyist group. Something I'm sure they will be able to do easily.

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i prefer "nutjobs" myself.


Funny you mention these idiots curbing their own carbon foot print. Loco Ono and these Fractivists toured Susquehanna County, driving from well location to well location on a giant tour bus that was far suited to negotiate the rural roads they had to take to get to the well and pipeline locations. If I remember correctly they had to be towed off of a dirt road somewhere near Dimmock or Montrose. 

The celebrities are not following the rules.

What a surprise.

Wait, I thought RFK Jr was a high-priced lawyer that worked on environmental issues . . . . maybe he could help the celebrities get their paperwork done . . . . maybe RFK Jr should also be a registered lobbyist. Maybe he already is.

And this after the former housing secretary (Andrew Cuomo, no less) settled rather than go to court over the same issue of requiring lobbyists to register. Andrew is a lawyer, RFK Jr is a lawyer . . . perhaps when they had their conversation about natural gas development and the moratorium somebody should have reminded somebody about the lobbying rules?


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