I have property in Oak Forest, Center Township, Greene County and just noticed that EQT/Rice has pooled me and the neighbors into the Magnum #1 unit. I'm thinking it's tme to organize a unit owners' association. Anyone else done this?

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I don't know of anyone who has actually done it but I think it is a great idea. It seems that once folks start getting royalties they drop off the face of the earth.

help me understand what may be gained by any group after leases have been signed, other than a "coffee clutch." the important time to band together has long passed. our arbitration clauses removes any real leverage in most cases. perhaps i'm missing something but getting people together is frustrating and plays right into the o&g's strategy of divide and squeeze.

take a look at what NARO offers. may be something to get involved with.

Great idea. They want to lease Marcellus + Utica which should be double the bonus. Also ask for no post production costs. Why should you pay for transportation and refining when you only get the wellhead price??

they have already leased. that was my point. there is no point.

The point is for unit owners is to compare statements. The companies know people are private when it comes to money. I have heard of peoples statements having different production numbers from the same well. Having a group like this you can at least make sure everyone is being paid at the same rate. I know people have different deals and percentage rates but the production information should be the same I would think. 

according to Penn State 75% of leases are signed without attorney advise. that means it is very likely this group has no audit feature and only a weak arbitration clause. even WHEN discrepancies are found going against EQT....well good luck! people just never seem to get how important landowner coalitions can be when negotiating and competent o&g representation is when leasing. when landowners hand over their keys right from the get go, it effects all of us in the entire play as it emboldens the companys 100 year history of abusing all of us. i see nothing changing.


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